The Farm "Arvedi D’Emilei" proposes the renowned wines Custoza and Bardolino, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and delicious local Grapes.

The D’Emilei Family, in its ancient cellars, has always personally created the genuineness of its wine, a characteristic that has never been betrayed over many centuries of excellent results.

Today the cellars have renewed, using the most advanced technologies, but the goal is always that of preserving traditional levels of quality. Glorious "Bianco di Custoza" has became, thanks to knowledgeable handling of the grapes, an excellent sparkling wine.

Bianco di Custoza, Bardolino, Bardolino Chiaretto produced by the Arvedi D’Emilei Estate are proper wines from a classic zone, with an exlusive and limited production, easily distinguished and with dominating personality, fresh, gentle, with great distinction.


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